The Severn at Awre

Awre is a small village well off the beaten track, in a loop of the river Severn. The walking here is flat and arableland, often beside the river. There is good parking beside the church. Severn Cider is also made here and can be visited. There is also web site for the village of Awre.

The banks of the Severn are quite interesting to anyone interested in wild flowers as the flora here is unusual.

[image 1/IMG_3880/JPG]
Awre church
[image 2/IMG_3881/JPG]
Across fields is the Severn
[image 3/IMG_3882/JPG]
A country lane.
[image 4/IMG_3884/JPG]
Footpath through the fields
[image 5/IMG_3885/JPG]
Beside the Severn
[image 6/IMG_3886/JPG]
Misty, our cat, came too!
[image 8/IMG_3888/JPG]
A strange hummock carved by the bore.
[image 9/IMG_3889/JPG]
The Severn at Awre

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