Venta Silvrvm Roman town at Caerwent

The Roman remains at Caerwent make a pleasant day's outing. Using the A roads it's les than 30 miles and takes about 45 minutes. But alternative routes incloude a drive through the Forest of Dean and a drive through the Wye Valley alongside the River Wye.

We visited the Roman remains 11th April 2008 with our two cats, Xanna (a Bengal) and Misty (a Siamese). The walk went well until Xanna the Bengal) climbed the Roman wall and came face-to-face with a dog! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos as we were at the bottom of the wall!

[image 1/IMG_2202/JPG]
Our cat, Xanna inspects the sheep near the car park.
[image 2/IMG_2204/JPG]
Roman remains, left
[image 3/IMG_2205/JPG]
The Roman walls
[image 4/IMG_2206/JPG]
The Roman walls - our cats enjoying the walk.
[image 5/IMG_2207/JPG]
South side of the walls
[image 7/IMG_2210/JPG]
Tree covered in Mistletoe
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