Chestnuts Inclosure

Streetmap's map of the area
above, shows Chestnuts Inclosure, a delightful (possibly the prettiest) local wood, though the understory (mainly bracken) is quite thick - as the photos show.

As the map shows, there are many tracks and paths through the wood. It is easily accessed by walking from the cottage up the slope into Green Bottom and leaving Green Bottom via the south entrance. As soon as you reach the main road, cross it and enter Chestnuts Inclosure, where a well-used footpath rises gently up towards Hangman's Hill and Pope's Hill village. Or you can turn to the North and exit Chestnuts Inclosure to enter Welshbury wood.

The paths through Chestnuts Inclosure are gentler and easier walking than the official marked footpath through the fields from Tibbscross - and there are no 'impassable' stiles to negotiate! There are many paths and tracks through the enclosure, so it's a nice place just for a walk in the woods.

According to Nichols, the enclosure was rich in chestnut trees. There are still some here, most of which seem to have been coppiced, presumably for chestnut palings. asccording to the 1inch OS map of 1953 Chestnuts Inclosure was at that time not planted but was agricultural land - Chestnuts Hill.

[image 1/IMG_3335/JPG]
Our cat and dog on the path from Green Bottom
[image 3/IMG_3337/JPG]
Left for Welshbury
Right for Pope's Hill
[image 2/IMG_3336/JPG]
looking back at the junction in photo 3
[image 4/IMG_3338/JPG]
View downhill towards Green Bottom
[image 5/IMG_3339/JPG]
Path from Green Bottom meets main track
[image 6/IMG_3340/JPG]
Exit from Chestnuts to Welshbury
[image 7/IMG_3341/JPG]
[image 10/IMG_3344/JPG]
Inside Chestnuts Inclosure
[image 11/IMG_3345/JPG]
View from Chestnuts across to Welshbury
[image 12/IMG_3403/JPG]
Inside Chestnuts enclosure
[image 15/IMG_3406/JPG]
Misty, our cat following Mary
[image 14/IMG_3405/JPG]
Enchanter's nightshade is common
[image 9/IMG_3343/JPG]
An old tree in Chestnuts enclosure

Photographs were taken 9th and 1th August 2010 with a Canon EOS 350D. Originals are available.

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