Clement's End woods

The woods at Clement's end are well worth a visit. They are full of old mine workings - many of which are open pits and therefore dangerous so are fenced off (photo 4. Many of these workings are shown on the local OS map (Streetmap).The woods were one of the places that BBC's Merlin was filmed: see the Merlin's locations www site

We visited there in May 2011, after visiting Coinross Garden centre (map refernce 592 069) - which is also a good place to park! From there it is a short walk past the caravan site into the woods.

[image 1/IMG_3674/JPG]
Old mine working
[image 2/IMG_3676/JPG]
Entrance to a mine
[image 3/IMG_3677/JPG]
Old mine pit
[image 4/IMG_3678/JPG]
Footpath through the woofds
[image 5/IMG_3679/JPG]
Ramsons line the path edges
[image 6/IMG_3680/JPG]
Mine remains: a conduit for water
[image 7/IMG_3681/JPG]
A deep mine pit
[image 8/IMG_3682/JPG]
A deep mine pit
  [image 9/IMG_3683/JPG]
The woods
[image 10/IMG_3684/JPG]
The path down to the woods, looking back up from the wooods

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