A circular walk to Edge Hills transmitter, Haywood plantation, Beacon Hill and Edge Hills hamlet


Photos were taken 30th October 2009. Total length of this walk was about 5kM, which I did with our dog Poppy and our cat Misty, who you can see in some of the photos. I was expecting to have to carry Misty towards the end of the walk, but she insisted on walking almost the whole way, except for a couple of the wettest bits. It's surprising how far a cat will walk! Edge Hill is some 905 feet above sea level. Green Bottom about 100 feet, so there is an 800 foot climb from point B to point F on the map.
[image 5/IMG_2868/JPG]
1. Start of path up to transmitter
[image 1/IMG_2820/JPG]
2. Initially the path rises steeply through the woods
[image 1/IMG_2821/JPG]
3. When it emerges from the woods, path is less steep
[image 2/IMG_2822/JPG]
4. Misty takes the lead, closely followed by Poppy!
[image 3/IMG_2823/JPG]
5. Map point D. The upward path crosses a major track.
[image 4/IMG_2824/JPG]
6. Map point D. The upward path
[image 5/IMG_2825/JPG]
7. point E. A not-so-obvious path leads off through a grove of sweet chestnut.
[image 6/IMG_2826/JPG]
8. point E. The path leaves the chestnuts
[image 7/IMG_2827/JPG]
9. The path exiting the transmitter area.
[image 8/IMG_2828/JPG]
10. Beech woods near transmitter (point G)
[image 9/IMG_2829/JPG]
11. Beech woods near transmitter (point G)
[image 11/IMG_2832/JPG]
12. Coppiced chestnut (point H)
[image 12/IMG_2833/JPG]
13. Path in Haywood Plantation (point I)
[image 13/IMG_2834/JPG]
14. Area between I and main track is partly gorse heathland
[image 14/IMG_2835/JPG]
15. Meeting of the paths near Beacon Hill (point J. View to south west
[image 16/IMG_2837/JPG]
16. Misty starting along the foot path to Green Bottom (point J)
[image 17/IMG_2838/JPG]
17. Track down to Edge Hills. This is a difficult path! Point M
[image 19/IMG_2840/JPG]
18. The real path! Easier to find when going west!
[image 20/IMG_2841/JPG]
19. Much of Edgehills hamlet exists because of old quarry workings. The 'plateau' from above.
[image 21/IMG_2842/JPG]
20. Track leading into a old, overgrown quarry.
[image 22/IMG_2843/JPG]
21. Evidently an old shed, probably remains of quarrying,. There is more brickwork evident above this building.
[image 23/IMG_2844/JPG]
[image 24/IMG_2845/JPG]
[image 25/IMG_2846/JPG]
24. Old quarry workings at Edgehills (Opposite point N)
[image 26/IMG_2847/JPG]
25. Overgrown quarry at Edgehills (point N)
[image 27/IMG_2848/JPG]
26. Coprinus
[image 28/IMG_2849/JPG]
27. Overgrown quarry at Edgehills (point N)
[image 29/IMG_2850/JPG]
28. Old lime kilns at Edgehills. (Opposite point N)
[image 30/IMG_2851/JPG]
29. A path back to Green Bottom
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