Long distance footpaths around Green Bottom

Green Bottom is an ideal situation ot only for walks immediately from the house but there are also a number of long-distance footpaths within easy reach:

Daffodil Way
is north of Green Bottom, crossing the M50 motorway, some 8.5 miles away.
Gloucestershire Way
joins the Wysis way at May Hill village which is about 4 miles north east of Green Bottom
Herefordshire Trail
passes through Ross-on-Wye, 8 miles from Green Bottom.
Offa's Dyke Path
is on the east side of the river Wye from Chepstow to Monmouth: at Monmouth (10 miles) it departs from the river
Severn Way
This runs along the east bank of the Severn, Nearest bridge across the Severn is in Gloucester, about 14 miles away. At Gloucester the Severn way and the Wysis way cross each other.
Severn Way (west)
Not a named long distance footpath, but most of the west bank of the Severn has a footpath alongside. From Green Bottom, the west bank is less than 2½ miles by footpath from Green Bottom.
Wye Valley Walk
Whereas Offa's Dyke is on the east of the lower Wye, the Wye Valley walk is on the west side. This may be joined at Ross-on-Wye (8 miles) or Monmouth (10 miles)
Wysis Way
this passes about 1 mile north of Green Bottom, so is easily joined on foot

Of course there are other paths easily reached: Jubilee Way, Three Castles Walk and the Cotswold Way.

Look at the index to the Ordnance Survey Explorer maps (on the back of a local Explorer) and you will see

are all areas close by.

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