Lord's Wood - Wye Valley

[image 1/IMG_2148/JPG]
Entering Lord's Wood from Great Doward
[image 2/IMG_2149/JPG]
King Arthur's cave
[image 3/IMG_2151/JPG]
Ground flora in Lord's Wood
[image 5/IMG_2156/JPG]
Out cats Misty and Xanna walking in Lord's Wood

Lords Wood is something of a hidden gem, on the west side of the River Wye, south of Symond's Yat village. There is a villlage - though most peopple think Symond's Yat is just the name of a famous viewpoint! It's about 8 miles as the crow flies, from Green Bottom. Most tourists will visit Symond's Yat rock for the breathtaking views over the Wye. From such a visit, the natural place to walk is in the woods south of the rock. But just across the river Wye there is a far prettier wood!

Lord's Wood is not so easily accessed, so is far quieter. Also it is elevated and south facing so that the wild flowers are earlier to develop there than in the woods on the east bank. One problem with Lords Wood is that it is barely accessible by car: although there is a minor road through Great Doward, there are very few places to park. So you really need to access the wood on foot, probably from Symonds Yat East village or via the Wye ferry or, if you fancy a longer walk, across The Biblins footbridge. A separate page details the walk along the Wye Valley from Symond's Yat to Biblin's Bridge and back.

We visited Lord's Wood in early spring: (Easter 2009 - April 13th) when the photographs were taken. Notice our two cats Xanna and Misty, who we walk often.

[image 7/IMG_2158/JPG]
Anemones (Anemone nemorosa) in Lord's Wood
[image 8/IMG_2159/JPG]
Anemones and bluebells
[image 9/IMG_2160/JPG]
Early bluebells
[image 6/IMG_2157/JPG]
The old quarry in Lord's Wood

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