Sapperton Canal Footpath

 Sapperton Tunnel Approach

Sapperton approach is through a field.

Our cats enjoyed the walk too!
Sapperton Tunnel, North end

West end of Sapperton tunnel.

Sapperton is about 1 hour away from our holiday cottage at Green Bottom.

The Sapperton Canal Tunnel on the Thames and Severn Canal is well known to enthusiasts of such things. Now disused, the tunnel is about equidistant from Stroud and Cirencester. East end is at map reference SO 966 006 and west end is at SO 945 033, so it is about 2 miles long. At the south end is a pub, which runs boat trip part way up the tunnel which at this end has a very ornate entrance.

Sapperton, which gives its name to the tunnel, is a small village at the west end of the tunnel. Sapperton is about an hour's trip from our holiday cottage to let at Green Bottom so a walk along the canal side can be combined with a visit to Cirencester or Stroud. We did this walk, with our two cats, Xanna and Misty, on 10th April 2007.

The footpath along the canal is most conveniently joined from Sapperton Church. The canal once was fed from the head waters of the river Frome, and was for part of its length the canalised course of the Frome but the river now flows alongside the dry bed of the canal here.

At Daneway, about 1 km from Sapperton church there is a pub which is not dog-friendly and they were distinctly not amused when we turned up with our two cats! The pub's car park is part of the old canal which has been filled in.

The area in April is carpeted with Ramsons - wild garlic.

River Frome at Sapperton

Misty inspects the River Frome
Cats Misty and Xanna

Misty and Xanna at the river
Sapperton Canal Footpath

The Sapperton Canal footpath

Our cat Misty

Our cat Misty


Field at Daneway: building behind is the pub
River Frome at Daneway

River Frome at Daneway
Sapperton Canal Footpath

The walk back to Sapperton church
Sapperton Tunnel Bridge

Bridge over the mouth of Sapperton Tunnel
Cats Drinking]

Misty enjoys a drink with Xanna

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