Symond's Yat view point

Yat means Gate - but I know not who Symond was! The view point at Symond's Yat allows spectacular views over the river Wye, a mere 7 miles (as the crow flies) from our holiday cottage at Green Bottom. It is a must-visit for anyone in the area.

Access to the viewpoint is by board-walk from the car park: photo 1 shows the board walk with out cat, Misty, enjoying the view. So the viewpoint is disabled and child-friendly. <-P>If you care to descend to the River Wye, a passenger ferry will take you across the river. From there you can climb up into Lord's Wood

To the south of the viewpoint is a huge area of forest which you can explore. Or maybe a walk along by the river to Biblin's Bridge and back on the other side.

[image 1/IMG_2133/JPG]
Misty enjoys the view from Symond's Yat board walk.
[image 2/IMG_2134/JPG]
View from Symond's Yat
[image 3/IMG_2135/JPG]
View from Symond's Yat
[image 4/IMG_2137/JPG]
View from Symond's Yat
[image 5/IMG_2138/JPG]
Woods south of Symond's Yat
[image 6/IMG_2139/JPG]
Woods south of the view point
[image 7/IMG_2140/JPG]
A stack south of the viewpoint
[image 8/IMG_2141/JPG]
Symond's Yat (West)

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