Severn Valley: walk from Westbury to Severn Mill

The Severn valley, as it flows past the Forest of Dean, has some delightful walks, quite different in character from walks in the Forest itself.

Westbury is only 5Km by footpath fron Green Bottom, so is itself within easy walking distance and there is a good pub, the Red Lion, in Westbury village.

The food at the Red Lion is excellent and good value, but be sure to book or you may be disappointed! For the less dedicated walker, park at the Red Lion and walk one of the several paths to the Severn, and in particular Garden Cliff, noted for its fossils. Then a stroll back to the pub for an evening meal. It is about 800 metres from the pub to the Severn, so sa gent;e evening stroll before dinner. This is the walk we did here, along side Westbury Brook, which drains Green Botton via Flaxley Brook. Photos taken about 6 p.m. 9th April 2011.

[image 1/01_Westbury/jpeg]
The path starts at Westbury, map ref: SO 717 138 looking south west.
[image 2/02_WestburyBrook/jpeg]
Path continues along the side of the Westbury Brook.
[image 3/03_OenantheCrocata/jpeg]
Hemlock water dropwort is common beside the brook. A poisonous plant!
[image 4/04_GardenCliff/jpeg]
A view across to garden Cliff
[image 5/05_Westbury/jpeg]
Looking back from the Severn towards Westbury
[image 6/06_Severn/jpeg]
Looking west along the Severn
[image 7/07_Seven/jpeg]
The Severn at map ref SO 713 134 looking towards Garden Cliff.
[image 8/08_CochleariaOfficinalis/jpeg]
Common scurvy grass is -common- on the banks of the Severn!
[image 9/09_WestburyBrook/jpeg]
Westbury Brook and, in the distance, Westbury.
[image 10/10_Westbury/jpeg]
Westbury Brook near Westbury
[image 11/11_WestburyBrook/jpeg]
Westbury Brook near Westbury
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