Westbury Court Water Garden

These delightul gardens are owned by the National Trust and are a mere 3 miles from our self-catering holiday cottage at Green Bottom so they are a must-see for any visitors.

If you are a walker, it's a pleasant walk via public footpaths from Green Bottom, across meadows with magnicinent views of the River Severn and the Cotswold Hills in the distance, so a pleasant day out on foot.

There are some interesting plants there too: when we visited (April 8th, 2067) the snake's head fritillaries (fritillaria meleagris) were in bloom - as were the 3 cornered leeks (Allium triquetrum).

[image 1/WestburyWaterGardens1/jpeg]

Westbury Court Water Gardens
[image 2/WestburyWaterGardens2/jpeg]

A Snakes-Head Fritillary
[image 3/WestburyWaterGardens3/jpeg]

Westbury Court Water Gardens

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