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Wye Valley Walk: Symond's Yat to Biblin's Bridge

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This is an easy circular walk, starting in Symond's Yat village where, if you arrive early enough, there is parking. The first part of the walk is along and beside the old railway line which runs on the east side of the river Wye.

Then you cross over the Wye by means of Biblin's bridge and return on the west side by means of narrower paths.

There is then a passenger ferry across the Wye to the pub, which is highly recommended for lunch.

Each thumbnail below opens a larger picture with more information.

Photos were taken in the morning of 9th August 2010.

[image 1/IMG_3347/JPG] [image 2/IMG_3348/JPG] [image 3/IMG_3349/JPG] [image 4/IMG_3351/JPG]
[image 5/IMG_3352/JPG] [image 6/IMG_3353/JPG] [image 7/IMG_3355/JPG] [image 8/IMG_3357/JPG]
[image 9/IMG_3358/JPG] [image 11/IMG_3361/JPG] [image 12/IMG_3362/JPG] [image 14/IMG_3364/JPG]
[image 15/IMG_3365/JPG] [image 16/IMG_3366/JPG] [image 17/IMG_3367/JPG] [image 18/IMG_3368/JPG]
[image 20/IMG_3370/JPG] [image 21/IMG_3371/JPG] [image 22/IMG_3372/JPG] [image 23/IMG_3373/JPG]
[image 24/IMG_3374/JPG] [image 26/IMG_3376/JPG] [image 27/IMG_3378/JPG] [image 28/IMG_3379/JPG]
  [image 29/IMG_3381/JPG] [image 30/IMG_3384/JPG]  
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